Biological Science

Biological Science

Student’s Achievements In National Level

                       National Level Achievement in Biological Science
Raghavendra K N- III B.Sc (BZC) cleared JAM Examination in Biological Science
Achievements in Chemistry at National Level
  • Maithili.K of III B.Sc was selected for POCE (Project Oriented Chemical Education) and completed the project for Diploma in Chemistry under the guidance of Dr.C.N.R.Rao at JNCASR Banglore. She was one among the nine students selected at national level. She has also cleared JAM Examiation in Chemistry in the year 2017.
  • Kruthi K Rao of III B.Sc secured the fellowship sponsored by Indian National Science Academy for summer research fellowship and completed the project at JNCASR during 17th May to 16th July 2017.
  • Dheeraj Shetty has cleared JAM Examination in Chemistry in the year 2017.


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