The Udupi Sri Admar Mutt Educational Council, the apex managing body of Poornaprajna educational institutions which manages 27 institutions spanning the whole spectrum of education from the primary to the post graduate level, realized the need for higher education in this semi urban area way back in 1960. Thus came into being Poornaprajna College as a centre of education. That was the time when education itself was at a premium, particularly the higher education, which the poor and the middle classes could hardly afford. The College has been rendering, since then, exemplary service in the field of higher education.


Awareness is the true eye of the world
Imparting instruction is the first and humblest attempt to serve this end
Awareness leads to shaping an all-round personality, which is best done when young
Such young people create a strong and vibrant nation
A center of education which has this end before it strives to be a center of excellence in its modest way
Thereby it serves socio-economic empowerment of the people at large
It also becomes a means to realizing their dreams, and becoming self-relying universal citizens


Promoting education consistent with the statutes
Imparting essential learning
Providing opportunities for higher learning and research
Developing creative skills in the youth in order to enable them to expand the scope of career options
Moulding character, inculcating values and ideals in the youth
ICreating a conducive atmosphere wherein the youth will imbibe the spirit and values of our culture and heritage
Enabling the youth to see life beyond formal education and to see life as ever-changing and ever-renewing phenomenon.